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Call (512) 336-5069 for more details as these are ever changing based on class size.

Tai Chi:

Tai Chi exercise has been proven to improve health for all ages, especially for the middle aged and senior population, and those with poor health. A 15 minutes daily exercise can provide a lot of health benefits in the long run.

Dongpo "Paul" Huang, the teacher, is a senior physical education teacher in China who taught track and field, volleyball and martial arts for more than 20 years before he retired.

Mr. Huang starts 2 classes at our center - an intermediate class (9:00 am - 9:45 am) to teach Yang style 40 and the mixed 42 forms, $40/month, and beginning class (10:00 am - 11:00 am) to teach Yang style 24 basic forms, $30/month, please call 336-5069 to register.

Shaolin Wushu:

Shaolin Kung Fu was created over 1500 years ago and has spread all over the world.

Shaolin Kung Fu, as a form of exercise, is unparalleled as well as the added benefits you get of improved health, agility fitness, flexibility, focus and determination. To learn more about Shaolin Wushu, please visit www.internationalshaolinaustin.com.

The International Shaolin Wushu Center, Austin TX holds classes at AACC starting June 5, 2006. Class times are as follows:

Children:  Thursday 4:00 pm ~ 6:00 pm

Tuition: Once class/week - $50/month.

For more details, please contact Scott C. Pettengill, Chief Instructor, at (512)771-4404 or e-mail him at: spettengill1@austin.rr.com


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