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Our Services - Under pandemic, we only offer our early childhood development program

For an appointment and registration, please call (512) 336-5069 during office hours (Mon. through Fri. 8:30 am to 6:00 pm, Sat. 9:00am to 1 pm)  

The Asian American Cultural Center will organize cultural and educational classes on a regular basis for members of all ages.

These will include (but not limited to):
· Asian Languages - for basic daily usage
· Dances - Chinese, Korean, Indian and Hawaiian
· Arts & Craft - Brush painting, Calligraphy and Origami
· Cooking - popular dishes from India, Nepal, Korea, Japan, Vietnam, Taiwan, Thailand, Malaysia, Northern & Southern China
· Sports & Exercise -Chinese Martial Art, Lion Dance, Tai Chi and Chi Kung
· Others - Art of Tea Drinking, Japanese Taiko Drums, Chinese Musical Instruments, Wine Tasting etc.

Child Development Program-Offered to families with children under school age
We are a Texas Rising Star 4 star program (the highest level), offering full week and part time wholeday programs to families with children under school age.


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