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Language Development Programs for Adults

Classes for different levels (Private or group available)
Call (512) 336-5069 for more details as these are ever changing based on class size.

Chinese Language:
Do you know that the number of Chinese language program around USA, from elementary school through adult programs, has tripled in 10 years? Want to learn more about why, please click here to see the whole story.
We offer different levels of Chinese language classes for non Mandarin Chinese speaking families. Traditional Chinese characters and Han Yu Pin Yin (phonetic sign) are used in our program. The goal of the program is for the students to understand, read, and speak in Chinese.  Conversation class (Friday evening 7-9 pm) will be open soon! please reserve your seat.

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Chinese for Traveling (20 hours)

Fri. 7-9 pm


Chinese for Traveling (20 hours)

Sat. 10-12 pm


Basic Chinese (50 hours)

Mon. 6-8 pm

$15 / hour

Intermediate (50 hours)

Wed. 6-8 pm

$20 / hour

Private lesson


$25 - $35 / hour

NOTE:  Material or textbook fee may be assigned by classroom teacher

Japanese Language:
Beginner: Group lesson will start at anytime if more than 3 students registered.

Intermediate: Wednesday 6:30-7:30 pm.

Conversation: Thurs. 8:00- 9:30 pm

English Language:
Want to Sharpen Your English and Get Better Life in America? We offer those three English classes. Registration is ongoing.
I). Introduction to Survival English in America
II) Intermediate English Class - Basic Reading, Writing and Speaking English
III) Advanced English Class - job application letters, interview, social conversation



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