Our Events

Festive celebrations:
· New Year celebrations for different Asian countries
· Austin Asian Occasion to celebrate the Heritage month of May
· Various historical festivals such as the Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival, Dragon Boat Festival, Japanese July 7th, Indian's Diwani etc.

Gatherings for members:
· Weekly Karaoke, singing songs of different languages
· Competitions such as Table Tennis, Darts, Basketball, Contract Bridge, Majong, Video Games etc.
· Monthly tea party and classic movies for senior citizens

Elderly program
For the elderly over 55 years old, we offer a recreation and lunch meeting from 11am to 3pm - The second Saturday is available for Korean, or the last Saturday is for Chinese. Please call 336-5069 for reservation.

Regular talks/presentations by professionals:
· Health care
· Chinese herbs
· Preparing oneself to be an Asian American
· Child and aged psychology
· First Aid and Home Nursing
· Insurance needs
· Home and garden Decoration
· Business opportunities in Asia and America
· Employment opportunities in Asia and America


Emperors Seed Consulting