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After School Programs at the Center

Grades : k - 5
from 2:45 p.m. to 6 p.m
Transportation available for Laurel Mountain and North Oak elementary students. (Students from Davis elementary will take school bus)
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For children of all cultures, designed to enhance students?ability to be more creative and independent, also helping families as well as schools to teach students to be more disciplined and focused.

All programs are tailored to students?needs. We warmly welcome parents to participate in the arrangement of the curriculum. After one-week of school, we will offer parents our teaching plan. We wonít assign students regular homework, but we do have a two-week quiz and a monthly presentation required of our programs.

Additional activities are provided: sports, games, cooking, music, and dancing. Disney cartoons are offered for multilingual children such as English, Mandarin, Cantonese, and Japanese.

Schedule for the classes

Classes Offered

Homework Tutorial and Guardian Program
This program is designed to teach students to be more disciplined. Students are guided by our teachers to finish homework while developing a good habit to do review-preview learning regularly. Homework will be finished before going home.

Asian Language and Culture Program
This program, available in Chinese and Japanese, is designed to facilitate and further Asian language and culture learning. Students are provided with great opportunities to learn the target language and to learn through the language. By learning through the language, students promote sharing of the target culture and thoroughly understand both Western and Eastern cultures. No prior knowledge of the language is required of either the student or the family.

The curriculum contains language development, pronunciation, and culture learning that emphasizes skills necessary for effective oral and written communication. Instruction covers: practical vocabulary, basic language structures, and the essentials of reading writing, listening, and speaking.

Mathematics Program
On the basis of childrenís ages and academic levels, learning materials are appropriately selected and compiled to make math learning interesting and systematic. Instruction covers a lot of repetition and practice, which is a very useful way to help children learn mathematics. The curriculum starts from beginners level to advanced level.

Reading/Writing Program
This program offers tutoring assistance for students whose English proficiency is limited. We have bilingual teachers who are fluent in English and an Asian language, such as Chinese and Japanese. Course work concentrates on developing fundamental English skills in an interactive classroom setting.

The curriculum covers language development, pronunciation, and culture learning. Specific learning plan is designed to meet the individualís English level and to feed his/her regular academic demands.

Individualized Guided Study Program
Independent study is an integral part of the language and mathematics programs. Small group and one-on-one instruction occur as students are assigned materials to help improve their specific areas of weakness. Students study at their own pace to complete work assigned and to build ability in being creative, independent, and thoughtful.

Other Classes
To help expand students?horizons outside the classroom, we offer piano and Chinese Painting & Calligraphy classes for different levels taught by trained professionals.


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