Yamato Community Potluck Dinner

Asian American Cultural Center
11713 Jollyville Road Monday
October 24, 2005 at 7:30 pm Thursday,

Founded in 1993, Yamato is a dynamic 10-member ensemble of young men and women based in Nara, Japan. Each musician plays one of several large or small drums, including one made from the wood of a 400-year-old tree. Yamato’s riveting performances celebrate the ancient form of tadaiko, or Japanese drumming. Their music is intensely physical and energetic, with beats ranging from the delicate sound of falling rain to exhilarating explosions of rhythm. According to the musicians, “We put our very souls into these unusual instruments, whose sound stirs the hearts of people everywhere, and our performances are infused with the idea that the drumbeat, like the heartbeat, is the very pulse of life.”

Bring a dish, meet the musicians and enjoy the hospitality of the Asian American Cultural Center!

Host Committee: Asian American Cultural Center, The University of Texas Performing Arts Center, Austin Japan Association and Japanese-American Association of Greater Austin.

For more information, please call Judith Rhedin at 512-471-6376 or Alison Macor at 512-471-2131 or visit www.asianamericancc.com.



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