6th Annual Dragon Boat Festival

Date: Sunday, May 2, 2004 - 12 p.m. to 4 p.m.

Location: Festival Beach at Town Lake, Austin

Organized by: Asian American Community Partnership

Supported by: Austin Arts Commission, City of Austin, Asian American Cultural Center

History of the Dragon Boat Festival

The Dragon Boat Festival is rich in pageantry and tradition as it dates back to 277 B.C. China during the Warring States period. A descendant from the royal family and a poet-scholar, Chu Yuan became prime minister only to be purged from his position due to his objection to the use of force and violence. 

Banished to the countryside, Chu Yuan was grieved by the fact that he could no longer save his country from the turbulence into which it had fallen and threw himself into the Milo River of Hunan Province. 

Upon hearing of Chu's action, villagers gathered onto their boats and rushed to the river in a united attempt to save Chu. Alas, they were too late but the solidarity and cooperation of the villagers in a united cause is the tradition that is carried down to the present with annual Dragon Boat Festivals around the world. 

Austin Dragon Boat Festival

The Dragon Boat Festival has been an ongoing annual event in Austin since 1999. This is its sixth year in the running with growing participation and attendance. The Festival is held centrally on Town Lake.

This event is free to the public and will feature the following attractions:

Dragon boat races
Taiko drums
Lion/Dragon dance
Japanese, Chinese and Hawaiian dances
Martial arts demonstrations
A variety of games and Asian foods

Join the Races 

Registration for the Dragon boat races is open to everyone. Training and boats will be provided by the Asian American Community Partnership and each participant will receive a Dragon Boat Festival 2004 T-shirt. Fees for registration are as follows:

Individual (US $50)
Team of 5 (US $30 per person)
Team of 10 (US $30 per person)
Team of 25 (US $25 per person)
Full-time student (US $10 per person) 

Registration Form   

About the Organizer

The Dragon Boat Festival is organized by the Asian American Community Partnership [AACP]. AACP is a 501c3 non-profit organization that provides services and organizes events in the central Texas area. 

The mission of AACP is to promote partnership in education, culture and social needs among the many groups in our community.

Sponsorship Opportunities

Direction to Festival Beach:  MAP

COMING FROM: NORTH AUSTIN 1) Take I - 35 South 2) Take Exit 233- toward TOWN LAKE/RIVERSIDE DR.. 3) After you exit, move to the far Right lane. 4) Stay straight on the access road and the Holiday Inn will be coming up on your right) 5) You will see a sign that says "Town Lake-->" that points to a road on the right. Take this road. 6) Follow this road (slowly) as it curves to the left and you go under the bridge 7) Make an immediate RIGHT TURN onto FESTIVAL BEACH RD. 

COMING FROM: SOUTH AUSTIN 1. I-35 North 2. Take Exit 233B-C toward TOWN LAKE/HOLLY ST. 4. Turn RIGHT onto FLORES ST. (0.05 miles) 5. Turn RIGHT onto WALLER ST. (0.08 miles) 6. Turn LEFT onto FESTIVAL BEACH RD. (0.27 miles) 

Race Results:

On Sunday, May 2nd the Asian American Community Partnership held the 6th Annual Dragon Boat Race and Festival at the Festival Beach on Town Lake. Several hundred attendees were treated to the exotic sight of the authentic 40-feet dragon boats racing on the Colorado off the IH-35 bridge. The Dragon Boat Race and Festival is the kick-off event for the Asian Pacific American Heritage Month Celebration. The winners of the Dragon Boat Race were

1st Place - Team Chinese Students Association at U.T.  Austin

2nd Place - Team LCRA (Lower Colorado River Authority)

3rd Place - Team Dell Computer/ASAAP (Austin Society of Asian American Professionals

Each dragon boat team consisted of 20 paddlers in addition to a steersman and a drummer on board of each dragon boat.